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Esperaba haber terminado. Pero no. Entonces, aquí hay una agenda tentativa inicial. Esto es lo que debemos hacer como movimiento o como congregaciones. Todo esto es ser más como Jesús en formas prácticas. Primero, por supuesto, necesitamos ser regenerados y llenos del Espíritu, y buscar estar más cerca del único Jesús Yeshua MaMesiach

  1. Construye el carácter. Si no construimos personas, no podemos progresar. Debemos estar seguros de que somos discípulos de Jesús en un carácter piadoso o nos encontraremos tristemente discipulados del anticristo. Esto ya ha sido expuesto en las llamadas escuelas cristianas. Y seguramente en el gobierno.
  2. Necesitamos encontrar una manera de crear una cultura congregacional saludable, en la que nos apreciemos en lugar de denunciarnos unos a otros. Uno en el que podemos confiar.
  3. Necesitamos prepararnos para cuidar de nuestras familias, luego de nuestra congregación y finalmente de quienes nos rodean.
  4. Necesitamos desarrollar una escatología sana. Claramente, estamos en el final de los últimos tiempos. Desafortunadamente, la mayor parte de la enseñanza escatológica nos ha señalado la depresión, la apatía o el miedo o, alternativamente, el orgullo y el miedo. De cualquier manera, esto es lo contrario de lo que debería estar sucediendo. Jesús va a regresar por una novia que se ha preparado y guau, tenemos que ponernos manos a la obra de inmediato y con prisa.
  5. ¡Necesitamos servir como líderes siervos! ¿Cómo vamos a tener un gran despertar o estar listos para el milenio si no lo hacemos? ¿Cómo podríamos afirmar ser como Jesús si no lo hacemos?
  6. Necesitamos comenzar a entender cómo la ley siempre está enraizada en un punto de vista religioso y así poder aprender la ley bíblica. Del mismo modo, debemos encontrar de inmediato escuelas con cosmovisión bíblica para proteger, discipular y capacitar para el liderazgo a nuestros hijos y a todos los que nos traigan.
  7. Necesitamos gobernar y reinar a través de la oración, la alabanza y las declaraciones.



Understand Mind-fucking

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James Lindsay outlines Maoist struggle sessions from Lifton’s account of Dr. Lifton.

Then, he also applies this paradigm to social media bullying and possibly to school indoctrination.

Notice how very much like the initiation and process of a satanic cult: after bullying you into being silence in face of seeing abuse, then you are increasingly bullied into committing worse and worse abuse.

This might apply in some small measure to cults.

This is what I think my friends mean when they say that “mind-fucking” happens in some religious groups.


Blood Moon – Definite Meaning

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We had a blood moon on 5/15/2022. And that was Second Passover.

Are you confused about blood moons? Were you disappointed in 2015? Do you think that cataclysmic things have happened since then?

So, what does a blood moon now mean?

Ever heard of Second Passover?

Know when the next blood moon is? BTW, they are rare events. Next on: November 8, 2022.

What does this mean? What should you do? Clear message, from Scripture, with action items.


El Orden de Entradas/ New Ordering of Posts

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Scroll down the list of posts to find the English.
Hay mas episodios a bajo in Espanol. Por favor buses abajo.
English will be moved to (which was
Please pardon us while we re-organize, while trying not to tick off the search engines.

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Muerte a si Mismo O La Vida Crucificada

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Muerte a si mismo a obtener qualquier cosa no es un idea Biblica.  Tal vez es mejor compredido como “la vida crucificada.” Hay 3 razones porque esta doctrina es muy peligroso.

Predico un gran noticia.  Somos crucificado en JesuCristo y resucito’.  Por lo tanto, cumplimos nuestro camino.  Veemos Marcos 8, Romanos 6, Filipenses y otras escripturas. Por supuesto, Por supuesto, dejamos de lado las consideraciones de nuestra naturaleza inferior y miramos a nuestro Señor.

No querrás perderte esto.
No hay muchos libros de Sam Fife ni Buddy Cobb en la internet hoy dia.  Ese idea de “muerte a si mismo” era un idea muy commun en la vida del Movimiento, claro.
Un ejemplo de los mensajes de muerte a si mismo del Movimiento.  Son of Man Must Be Crucified by Sam Fife.   
Eso es un mensaje otro sobre “muerte a se mismo” de la Biblia; no es de “El Movimiento.”
Hay un mensaje sobre esa tema en Ingles aqui.

Jesus, Hijo Modelo esta’ en marcha

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Hoy dia este serie esta’ en marcha. Tenga paciencia mientras ponemos a funcionar la tecnología.

Se trata de Jesús y de lo que nos había traído. Es una gran buena noticia. A veces a algunas personas y cosas no les gusta, pero estamos dando nuestras vidas para compartirlo.

Hoy dia comenzamos: Jesus es el hijo modelo. Esto significa que podemos ir y hacer lo mismo.


First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks

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A clear re-teaching of the Feast of First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks. Let’s just go through Leviticus 23 and cover the 7 feasts of the Lord, and the sabbath. We will find that there has been some confusion that First Fruits IS Shavuot/Pentecost. We will clear up the confusion. And talk a little bit why it is important.

My mission is to set the captive free. This may seem like a calm going over what we all know, but really, it will meet the mission. There are those who are estranged, but God wishes to reach out to them and bring them to Himself. There are those who are bewildered and hurt. God wants to put soft cotton bandages on those hurts and heal them. Some are resigned, and on their last sighs. God wants to breath new life into those lungs. Get out the poison gases and put in the oxygen of the Spirit.

We were so blessed to know about the Feasts of the Lord, the moed, way back in the 1970s. There is more to know. More clarity. More energy will come from it.

For those who will email me, I will send you both a document and a audio track that will discuss how Jews today celebrate the Feasts of Weeks. This includes the blessings, both in Hebrew and in English. Just email me. Tell me who you are. And I will email you this free gift. Please be invited to let me know of your situation. What is going on? What are you interested in learning? What is going on?

For anyone who is interested enough to send an offering, and is interested in the more recent application of the Feast of First Fruits to (first fruits) offerings, I will email you an audio track concerning that. Please go to to find ways to give electronically. Alternatively, for land mail, send a check to Sharon Sarles P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, TX 78630. Please enclose your name, land address and email so I can get the information to you.


The Real Way to be a Son of God — Don’t be Snookered or Confused

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Sahrona nd DAve: the problem here is that I new/renames file was uplaoded to JPS but is not findable with the JPS hookup below. Is this beacue of maintance? Or a general mix upo fthe 2 casts?

Right where we first found out that we could become perfect, we are told how. Somehow, though, no one ever got around preaching about that. For some reason… or other?…. Ephesians 4:11&12 was always referenced as the primary was to become perfect.

If Jesus gives us a command to be perfect, wouldn’t He have told us how? Oh! But He did. It will be a happy surprise!

The alternative is a bunch of rules. If The Law, the Torah couldn’t work for that, how would some new set work? Especially if they keep changing? Oy vey.

Maybe we were confused … or snookered.

Amazingly, in the very passage where we established that it was appropriate to have an aspiration to be perfect because God gave us that command, God also gave us the way. Spoiler alert: it is NOT obeying the ministry. It is walking in love. Wow!

Have a listen!


Praying for the Five-Fold

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Get a load of this!  Spontaneous, Spirit-led prayer for canceling spiritual dwarfism in the church, that we might grow up into the Head, bringing for and correcting of the 5-fold. What does it take that we might grow up properly?  Yes, I know you know. I know you have heard Ephesians 11 to what? 19 so much you are beyond memorization. You are into sleep — is my guess. You gotta hear this! You must pray with this recording! WOW!

I know, once you knew the flow and the challenge of a step up. And we know that the dryness, and the twisting, and the cracks have shown up. When have we been led in repentance? When have we prayed into correction? When have we been rehydrated? Refreshed? Renewed?

Are you about to give up? Maybe did a long time ago and now you just enjoy the family? Now that we are amazingly close to the ends of the age, where are you? Are you one of the deliverers coming out of Zion. Remember that?

You want to hear/see Robert Henderson praying against dwarfism and for the renewing, correcting, manifesting of the 5-fold. And the growing up of the Body of Christ.


Vilification or Evil Speaking – Prominent Topic for Aspiring Sons

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One of John Wesley’s most famous sermons was “The Cure of Evil Speaking.”  “Evil speaking” comes from Ephesians 4: 31. Wesley translated it “vilification.” Modern Americans might say informally “speaking bad about a brother or sister in the Lord.” Wesley’s cure was Matthew 18. Once one considers the matter, one is given a great and … Continue reading Vilification or Evil Speaking – Prominent Topic for Aspiring Sons