Praying for the Five-Fold

Get a load of this!  Spontaneous, Spirit-led prayer for canceling spiritual dwarfism in the church, that we might grow up into the Head, bringing for and correcting of the 5-fold. What does it take that we might grow up properly?  Yes, I know you know. I know you have heard Ephesians 11 to what? 19 so much you are beyond memorization. You are into sleep — is my guess. You gotta hear this! You must pray with this recording! WOW!

I know, once you knew the flow and the challenge of a step up. And we know that the dryness, and the twisting, and the cracks have shown up. When have we been led in repentance? When have we prayed into correction? When have we been rehydrated? Refreshed? Renewed?

Are you about to give up? Maybe did a long time ago and now you just enjoy the family? Now that we are amazingly close to the ends of the age, where are you? Are you one of the deliverers coming out of Zion. Remember that?

You want to hear/see Robert Henderson praying against dwarfism and for the renewing, correcting, manifesting of the 5-fold. And the growing up of the Body of Christ.


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