The Real Way to be a Son of God — Don’t be Snookered or Confused

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Right where we first found out that we could become perfect, we are told how. Somehow, though, no one ever got around preaching about that. For some reason… or other?…. Ephesians 4:11&12 was always referenced as the primary was to become perfect.

If Jesus gives us a command to be perfect, wouldn’t He have told us how? Oh! But He did. It will be a happy surprise!

The alternative is a bunch of rules. If The Law, the Torah couldn’t work for that, how would some new set work? Especially if they keep changing? Oy vey.

Maybe we were confused … or snookered.

Amazingly, in the very passage where we established that it was appropriate to have an aspiration to be perfect because God gave us that command, God also gave us the way. Spoiler alert: it is NOT obeying the ministry. It is walking in love. Wow!

Have a listen!

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