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Resting in Sonship

Here is an awesome work that comes out of prophetic prayer — and Scripture — mentioning resting in Sonship. Prophetically, rooted in Hebrews 4 and Matt 11:28, the Lord spoke about lifting burdens and entering into rest. This is grounded in the knowing that God loves us dearly. The blood has already rewritten out history. We must shake off fear, concern, and lack of trust so we can enter into the rest and into demonstration of Sonship.

Leading prayer is Mark Henderson. Leading worship is Micah Henderson. These are sons of Robert Henderson, known for his *Courts of Heaven* work. Also speaking is Jason Wall, a missionary temporarily stationed in Waco because of the covid thing. Also speaking was a woman named Didi who regularly attends, prays, and prophesies there. Location was Radiant Church in Waco. Texas. For more, please see GPEC.world. Also available on other platforms, as mentioned.

These guys are not familiar with “the Move” or Sam Fife, and most probably not with the Latter Rain. Even Robert Henderson told me he had never heard of Sam Fife. He said he had no connection with the Latter Rain. Consequently, they have no thought of entering into any debate or discussion. They are praying, earnestly, by the Spirit.

I know you will find it awesome — and thought provoking! I recommend you not only listen for doctrine, but pray with them, even if that means going thru the hour more than once. Thanks, guys! Thanks, Lord!

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