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!Hablando mal de otros un metodo comun, es envilicer, aun blasfemia!

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Veo a la gente hablando mal de los demás como una manera de manejar a los demás en la iglesia. Hanblando mal de la gente atenúan a otros para hacerse ver grandes. Entonces, la gente se asusta y los matones gobiernan. Hablar mal de los demás no es un método de liderazgo, ni de gestión, ni de enseñanza. Se ha hecho pasar por esas cosas durante años en el Movimiento.

Se disfraza de sabiduría y liderazgo, pero enmascara malas intenciones y feo orgullo.

Hablando mal de los otros, tratando atenuar es lamado envilicer.  Aun es lamado blasfemia.  Dios peinsa que cuanod sus hijos son envilicado, El si mismo es envilicado.  Y nosotros sabemos es muy serio a hablar mal de Dios.

La forma de proceder es diferente. Véanse Efesios 4:31. El desprecio de hermanos y hermanas se considera lo mismo que blasfemia. Es contrario a fluir en Espíritu y contrario a la Palabra, la Biblia.
¿Qué en lugar?
¡Matteo 18 es la cura!

John Wesley predico un mensaje llamada “La Cura del Mal Hablar.” Era una revelacion para mi porque ha noticiada que era un metodo de gestión en el Movimiento con  resultados opuestos a los esperados si se pretendía equipar y madurar .

El mismo mensaje, mas or menos, en Ingles. Vilificaton

John Wesley’s sermon, in full text, on “The Cure of Evil Speaking”

Welsey’s notes on Matthew 18

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Answer to Covid-19 Hidden in Purim Story

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Several things in the Purim story (Esther, Mordecai and Haman) are very prophetic. What I noticed today is that the King himself didn’t undo the bad decree, but let Esther and Mordecai head up the routing of Haman’s plans. The King, however, did take care of Haman, who died on his own gallows.

We were told by more than one prophet that there would be a shaking this spring. The world is certainly shaken by the covid-19 corona virus. It is proving a great time for China’s people and government to see how helpful the Christians have been, risking their lives to help others, identified in yellow jackets. It would be a great time for Christians here to prove themselves helpful: non-fearful, non-greedy, and compassionate. Certainly, many are calling us to prayer. Many have urged more prudence than the governments and official medical folks are offering. I always have a virus protocol, scientifically cited on my site (a list of supplements like garlics and over the counter sometimes very counter-intuitive things). Dr. Braverman and Dr. Gabriel Cousens are circulating their suggestions (hydration and essential oils and homepathics respectively). Perry Stone ended his prayer meeting tonight with some basic ways to build up immunity including Vitamin C and Vitamin D and elderberry juice. More than one of us have remembered John G. Lake’s experience helping in the plague in South Africa. Plague germs would die when they touched him — verified under a microscope.

Let’s us stand up as sons and daughters of God and be like Jesus. If our immunity is built up as much as John G Lake’s good, but whatever level we are, let us pick up the weapons and gifts we have — and not lay them slack on the ground mesmerized and paralyzed by the enemy. No! We remember the heart of what we were about: Jesus. We follow Jesus. Let’s do what Jesus would do. Amen.

Blessings of health, healing, wholeness, wisdom and God’s peace be to you, yours, your city and your nation. Amen.